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More Djs!

KraftyRadio News!

More Djs joining the party!

T.K.V - Joining us exclusively Monday nights 11pm-Midnight Live from the USA

Dan Linkie - Saturdays - More information to come!

Chatroom Issues

It seems we have recently been having chatroom issues, we are not completely sure what the issues are however believe it is down to the IRC Server we use having issues.

If the chatroom on this page isn't working for you try www.Kraftychat.com

Or you can download an IRC client such as MiRC or XChat and then click on the IRC button on this page (Probably the most stable way)

More News!

Krafty Radio News!

Even more Djs Joining the Party!

Robbie Joyrider - Weekly Basis Monday Nights 9pm - 10pm

HappyDaze - Weekly Basis Live From The USA Monday Nights 10pm - 11pm

Code-E - Weekly Basis Live From The USA Friday Nights 2am -4am

Daniel Seven - Weekly Basis Live From Italy Saturday Nights 8pm - 9pm (Coming Soon)

We are also in talks with a couple of other Dj's, just need to finalise some details before releasing that information!

We are still looking for more DJ's - If you're interested throw the Kraftyradio Facebook group a message with some music attached!

Events News!

A couple of interesting events coming up apart from the obvious big ones...

1st for your diaries is H.A.S 1st Birthday Event - 7th February at The Racehorse in Northampton.

You can find all the information on the Facebook Event Page

With Scott Brown headlining, not to mention appearances from Lee UHF, Strange Dave, Mister Stewart, Delite, Sunny, Pegsy & Simon Overlode it is certainly set to be another great event!

There is limited space within the venue so arrive early to avoid disappointment!

If you want to hear any of the sets from the previous events you can head over to Soundcloud

Also coming soon... The H.A.S boys will be performing a like weekly show on a Thursday!

Obviously next diary wise is the I Love Hardbeats 3rd Birthday Party... We covered that in the last piece of news - Check that out for further information although you will have to be quick to get a ticket as they are nearly sold out!

Following that... Next on the horizon which I think looks really interesting is the This Is Rebuild event on 10th April. The lineup for that looks incredibly interesting! You can find out all the information on their Facebook Event Page

The lineup looks fantastic with Gammer, CLSM, Marc Smith, JD-Kidd, Mozz, Thumpa, Fracus, Darwin, A.B, Andy Freestyle, Greg Peaks & Pinnacle... Certainly another one not to miss!

You can also catch the musical advert on YouTube

Release News!

Not really a release this 1st one... But Venom Drive are compiling an actual physical release! They are looking for further submissions for tracks to go on the release. The closing date is is 28th February and any submissions need to be sent to venomdriverecords@gmail.com

Secondly - Olly Thumpa is also looking for tracks for a series of Rebuild Albums he is working on getting released.. If you have anything you think he may be interested in... Get in touch with him through Facebook.... Even if you don't have anything for submission... Just send him a "Release The Music" message - I'm sure he will love it ;)

Thirdly - A Freeform Album you should really buy! The guys at Project Badass have released volume 3. It includes an incredible remix of Lemonade Raygun from Transcend and Cyrax! You can find all the information and Purchase Here

Checky's Thoughts

It's about a month now since I started looking after things on Krafty... Its been an interesting month!

1st & Foremost! - I want to say a personal thank you to all the DJ's and listeners... You guys are what make Krafty what it is and makes the work going into Krafty worth it, without you Krafty is pointless!

Following from there... All the Dj's so far that have played have been fantastic! The listener count is increasing nicely with each show and I have been more than impressed with the response!

Going forward I want to bring in Dj's from all over the globe playing at times that are suitable for them, I want the listener's to eventually be able to tune in at any time of day and be able to hear a Dj playing live - I know this is a big ask... But I believe it to be possible!

I believe Krafty to be a great platform for Dj's to showcase their talents and get themselves noticed.

If you are interested in playing or know someone who might be, Please get in touch with me! Doesn't matter where on the planet they are, we will work something out!

Finally - Remember - Keep It Krafty!

Mini News Post - (More News To Come Later In the Week)

Krafty Radio News!

More Djs Joining The Party!

Dan Edge - Weekly Basis Wednesday Nights 7pm - 8pm (Except The 1st Wednesday of Each Month where Cruze will be live again!)

Audioblast - Fortnightly Basis Friday Nights 9pm - 10pm

Oli Double-T - Sundays More Information To Come

SevenSins - More Information To Come

Want to Play on Krafty? Get in Touch on our Facebook page!

Events News!

ILHB 3rd Birthday

I Love Hard Beats celebrates it's 3rd Birthday on 20th February with one of the biggest & most varied lineups I've seen in a long time! The return of Kevin Energy playing 3 hours over the night is probably the biggest standout on the lineup, however the rest of the lineup doesn't struggle to hold its own with the likes of Scott Brown, CLSM, K-Complex, Mark Ashley, Eryk Orpheus, A.B, Douglas, Arkitech, Lost Soul, Alex Prospect, not to forget our very own Midas going back to back with Transcend.

Tickets are selling out fast with only 30% of stock remaining - Buy them HERE

You can follow all the up to date news on their event page on Facebook

More big event news coming later in the week with information regarding H.A.S's latest event & Rebuilds 1st event!

There will also be release news as well to feast over!

Exciting Times!

Actual News!

Krafty Radio News!

We have new DJ's!!!!!

Joining Krafty we have;

Mizz T - Weekly Basis Monday Nights 8pm - 9pm

Chris-E - Weekly Basis Wednesday Nights 9pm - 10pm

Dzine - Weekly Basis Thursday Nights 7pm - 8pm

Skinny - Weekly Basis Friday Nights 6pm - 7pm

Brady - Weekly Basis Friday Nights 7pm - 8pm

DB1 - More Information To Come

Want to do a weekly show? Get in touch through the Facebook Group!

Events News!

The Main One this week is the lineup being announced for HTID In The Magaluf Sun 2015. Everyone that knows me (Checky) will know that I am not the biggest HTID fan... But I have to say the lineup looks immense! It's really good to see a decent amount of Freeform DJ's on the lineup....
You can find the full lineup as well as the price list here

If there are any events you think we should know about, again get in touch through the Facebook Group!

Release News!

Trackmaster Music and Hardcore Rapture Digital Present

BangOn Hardcore

Bang On! - 3XCD UK Hardcore Album:

27 Unmixed, DJ Friendly Tracks (discs 1 & 2)

An exclusive Kyle WytchWood & Cruze Mix (disc 3)

And a bonus FREE 10 track bundle emailed with every order

AVAILABLE TO BUY RIGHT NOW at: http://www.bangonhardcore.co.uk/


For full tracklisting and all track clips also go to: http://www.bangonhardcore.co.uk/

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!

So with a New Year comes a new lineup... Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for new shows!

Keep It Krafty!


Although we may not have the time anymore to post daily updates, feel free to join the chat, there is always a friendly user around. The fan page will still be going too. Will try to keep the lineup on the left hand side accurate in the mean time. Toodles for now!

Wednesday lineup & more

18:00-19:00 ClaytonW
19:00-20:00 DJ Cruze
20:00-21:00 DJ Darts
21:00-22:00 Fracus & Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Show
22:00-23:00 DJ C-Regz
23:00-02:00 The Allkore Riot Show - 1 year special show

A special Allkore Riot Show tonight Descent and special guests JAKAZiD, SBZ and Bad Corey!

If you haven't seen it yet, Feel The Rush have a great promo video up on Youtube.

Monday lineup, award results & more!

18:00-19:00 Klubphazed radio show with DJ Phaze B
19:00-20:00 Klubphazed radio show with DJ Pezza
20:00-21:00 Feel The Rush with DJ C & MC Reconize
21:00-22:00 VampyVicious
22:00-23:00 Hardcore Hit Squad with Buzzman & SPARKLe
23:00-00:00 PKat vs Demonfish (18:00-19:00 EDT)

Here's a free mix from DJ Assassin > click here

A big congratulations go out to Hardcore Underground & DJ Sc@r, for winning best label and breakthrough DJ of the year respectively! We'll have the full list of winners soon.

Wednesday lineup

18:00-19:00 ClaytonW
19:00-20:00 DJ Cruze
20:00-21:00 DJ Darts
22:00-23:00 DJ C-Regz
23:00-00:00 The Allkore Riot Show presented by DJ Descent
00:00-01:00 DJ Daft
01:00-02:00 The Purple Bronies

A long awaited freebie from A.B's soundcloud:
Kevin Energy & A.B - Sin 4 Me (A.B's Trouse Remix) (Wav), or in 320k MP3 for those who think Wav's have absolutely no use.

We've got a bunch of videos from the latest Hardcore Underground event up on our Youtube page.

News updates

You might have heard the rumours about DJ Sy swirling around on Facebook, but as usual it's better to wait for evidence before taking up the pitchforks. Sy himself posted a note on what has gone on. If there are any more official statements we'll post them, but until then we'll stay clear of this one.

A new free track from Scarred Digital: Sc@r & Druid: Move And Groove Ya.

Also there are new "Best of Vibealite" CD packs available exclusively on KraftyShop.com.

A freebie from Hardcore Underground: Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks (VIP DJ Mix) or in MP3 for those who don't like wavs.

News updates

As we're away for a few weeks there won't be any news updates. Feel free to email us any news tips by leaving a message on our contact page.

All shows are still going ahead as usual, and when we get back there will be a bunch of new DJ's, a re-newed Hardcore Underground and many more things to get things back into gear!

DJ Clusterphuck

We're saddened to hear of the passing of Sean "DJ ClusterPhuck" Capps .

Sean played for us for the last year+, and always genuinly loved doing his shows here. He did our most recent podcast, and was recording a new episode as of a week ago. I never met him in person, but he always was a pleasure to talk to and always was friendly to everyone in our chatroom.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

We are in contact with one of his close friends, so if there are any updates we'll keep everyone updated.

Free album & more

Check out the latest 7D: Seven Dimensions of Euphoria album, with mixes from Kraftyradio's Sc@r, ViperStar & DJ Daft!.

Did anyone not see this one coming? download the hardcore remix of "Gangnam Style" from Noc.V's Soundcloud.

Download the amazing "Digital Fields" from T2Kazuya from Sendspace. It was given away on his Soundcloud page but already reached the download limit. Follow him for more freebies!

JAKAZiD Show & more

Download JAKAZiD's show from thursday here now. His new release, is also available now with tracks from Tanuki, T2Kazuya & Chucky also part of the bundle.

It's not hardcore, but Technikal (Technikore) has released a free 11 track harddance album on www.technikal.co.uk. You can also listen / download it from his Soundcloud page.

DJ ViperStar has more new videos up on his youtube page, check them out!

A new free track from DJ Cruze: Darren Styles - Skydivin (Cruze & Dalby Vocal Free Remix).

JBC freebie, Darwin mix & more

JAKAZiD will return to the Allkore Riot Show next week!

A new freebie from JB-C: JB-C - Journey To The Cosmos.

If you want to catch up with all the latest from Hardcore Underground, this new mix from Darwin is a good place to start!

The next big event from Krafty Promotions is coming up on september 8th: Bounce Heaven 5th birthday party in association with Vibealites 19th birthday. Check the flyer and for 10 tickets check the Krafty Shop.

There are three more freebies from D-Lyte! Download the WAVs from his Soundcloud, or download the MP3's seperately:

D-Lyte & Prospect - P.A.R.T.Y , D-Lyte & JAKAZiD - Mr NES Bit and D-Lyte & JAKAZiD - Some Kind Of Rush.