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Although we may not have the time anymore to post daily updates, feel free to join the chat, there is always a friendly user around. The fan page will still be going too. Will try to keep the lineup on the left hand side accurate in the mean time. Toodles for now!

Wednesday lineup & more

18:00-19:00 ClaytonW
19:00-20:00 DJ Cruze
20:00-21:00 DJ Darts
21:00-22:00 Fracus & Darwin on the Hardcore Underground Show
22:00-23:00 DJ C-Regz
23:00-02:00 The Allkore Riot Show - 1 year special show

A special Allkore Riot Show tonight Descent and special guests JAKAZiD, SBZ and Bad Corey!

If you haven't seen it yet, Feel The Rush have a great promo video up on Youtube.

Monday lineup, award results & more!

18:00-19:00 Klubphazed radio show with DJ Phaze B
19:00-20:00 Klubphazed radio show with DJ Pezza
20:00-21:00 Feel The Rush with DJ C & MC Reconize
21:00-22:00 VampyVicious
22:00-23:00 Hardcore Hit Squad with Buzzman & SPARKLe
23:00-00:00 PKat vs Demonfish (18:00-19:00 EDT)

Here's a free mix from DJ Assassin > click here

A big congratulations go out to Hardcore Underground & DJ Sc@r, for winning best label and breakthrough DJ of the year respectively! We'll have the full list of winners soon.

Wednesday lineup

18:00-19:00 ClaytonW
19:00-20:00 DJ Cruze
20:00-21:00 DJ Darts
22:00-23:00 DJ C-Regz
23:00-00:00 The Allkore Riot Show presented by DJ Descent
00:00-01:00 DJ Daft
01:00-02:00 The Purple Bronies

A long awaited freebie from A.B's soundcloud:
Kevin Energy & A.B - Sin 4 Me (A.B's Trouse Remix) (Wav), or in 320k MP3 for those who think Wav's have absolutely no use.

We've got a bunch of videos from the latest Hardcore Underground event up on our Youtube page.

News updates

You might have heard the rumours about DJ Sy swirling around on Facebook, but as usual it's better to wait for evidence before taking up the pitchforks. Sy himself posted a note on what has gone on. If there are any more official statements we'll post them, but until then we'll stay clear of this one.

A new free track from Scarred Digital: Sc@r & Druid: Move And Groove Ya.

Also there are new "Best of Vibealite" CD packs available exclusively on KraftyShop.com.

A freebie from Hardcore Underground: Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks (VIP DJ Mix) or in MP3 for those who don't like wavs.

News updates

As we're away for a few weeks there won't be any news updates. Feel free to email us any news tips by leaving a message on our contact page.

All shows are still going ahead as usual, and when we get back there will be a bunch of new DJ's, a re-newed Hardcore Underground and many more things to get things back into gear!

DJ Clusterphuck

We're saddened to hear of the passing of Sean "DJ ClusterPhuck" Capps .

Sean played for us for the last year+, and always genuinly loved doing his shows here. He did our most recent podcast, and was recording a new episode as of a week ago. I never met him in person, but he always was a pleasure to talk to and always was friendly to everyone in our chatroom.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

We are in contact with one of his close friends, so if there are any updates we'll keep everyone updated.

Free album & more

Check out the latest 7D: Seven Dimensions of Euphoria album, with mixes from Kraftyradio's Sc@r, ViperStar & DJ Daft!.

Did anyone not see this one coming? download the hardcore remix of "Gangnam Style" from Noc.V's Soundcloud.

Download the amazing "Digital Fields" from T2Kazuya from Sendspace. It was given away on his Soundcloud page but already reached the download limit. Follow him for more freebies!

JAKAZiD Show & more

Download JAKAZiD's show from thursday here now. His new release, is also available now with tracks from Tanuki, T2Kazuya & Chucky also part of the bundle.

It's not hardcore, but Technikal (Technikore) has released a free 11 track harddance album on www.technikal.co.uk. You can also listen / download it from his Soundcloud page.

DJ ViperStar has more new videos up on his youtube page, check them out!

A new free track from DJ Cruze: Darren Styles - Skydivin (Cruze & Dalby Vocal Free Remix).

JBC freebie, Darwin mix & more

JAKAZiD will return to the Allkore Riot Show next week!

A new freebie from JB-C: JB-C - Journey To The Cosmos.

If you want to catch up with all the latest from Hardcore Underground, this new mix from Darwin is a good place to start!

The next big event from Krafty Promotions is coming up on september 8th: Bounce Heaven 5th birthday party in association with Vibealites 19th birthday. Check the flyer and for 10 tickets check the Krafty Shop.

There are three more freebies from D-Lyte! Download the WAVs from his Soundcloud, or download the MP3's seperately:

D-Lyte & Prospect - P.A.R.T.Y , D-Lyte & JAKAZiD - Mr NES Bit and D-Lyte & JAKAZiD - Some Kind Of Rush.

Friday lineup & more

18:00-19:00 DJ Skinny
19:00-20:00 MadP
20:00-21:00 DJ Octane
21:00-22:00 TDC - Technical Difficulties Show
22:00-00:00 Urban Atmosphere

The audio quality isn't the greatest, but check out Gammer & Static live at HTID in the Sun, it includes a free download link!

Another Gammer bit with mediocre sound quality, but it features him and Klubfiller in studio creating some amazing sounding new track.

We're updating the mixes on the stream, so if you have any mixes uploaded send us a link to it (preferably Soundcloud) and we'll add it onto the rotation!

Sunday lineup, ILHB2 videos & more

It's the last Munted Monthly special tonight, with 4 hours of freeform!

Missed I Love Hard Beats 2? Check out a few videos on our Youtube channel to see what you missed.

A freebie from Ryan Kore that's actually pretty good for what it's based on: Ryan Kore - Call Me Maybe

Another new track from Burnzy, Burnzy - Break my Heart.

D-Lyte freebies & more

We'll have download links for the 2 special ILHB shows up soon!

Some amazing free tunes out of the old TNC vault from DJ D-Lyte's Soundcloud: Download them all on from his page or get the correctly tagged and named ones from our mediafire account.

ViperStar and Danomate both have new HD mixes up on Youtube! Check ViperStar's ever expanding setup here, and Danomate's HTID tribute mix here.

Friday lineup, ton of freebies & more

We are looking for new DJ's to for some slots that have opened up lately. If you have your decks hooked up to your pc, have a good upload speed and would like a weekly slot, why not send us a message and we'll see if we can slot you in!

Greg Peaks has just given out Greg Peaks - Hard Times for free.

Pkat has been busy producing, check out his latest free track Bubblegum.

A freebie from Wilson: Wilson - Hallucinate. I hadn't heard of him before, but this one is definitely worth a download!

Out now from our friends at Stamina Records: the awesome Massenya!

Friday lineup, JAKAZiD guestshow & more

Download the Allkore Riot JAKAZiD show here if you haven't heard it yet!

Darren Hotchkiss has got an 8 track album up on his bandcamp page. It includes the amazing "It All Clears Over" and is name your own price, so do check it out!

Bounce Heaven returns with Culmination , a 12 hour Outdoor dance festival on the 30th of June! For more info & ticket information check the E-Flyer or Facebook.

A new free track from DJ Burnzy's Soundcloud: Robert Miles - Children (Burnzy Remix)